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Website Design

Bainbridge Media uses many design techniques that allow for proper display on most browsers, screen resolutions, and operating systems. We use a combination of scripts and programming languages to allow for easy changes and modifications to each website that we design. As technology changes, we evolve our techniques to follow the new guidelines and limitations, still keeping in mind the older technology used by the majority of internet users. Bainbridge Media can and will install website management software for handling things like Auto and Real Estate inventory. If you have a need for this type of software, please contact us with your questions.

Initial Design $250.00

Bainbridge Media will build a potential design for each website. Bainbridge Media will then present the design to the client for feedback or changes. Once those changes are made, Bainbridge Media will begin coding the site's home page. The design of the website and the home page are included in the Initial Design phase.

Page Design $100/page

Bainbridge Media will design as many additional pages desired on any website. Bainbridge Media will consult with each client to derive a reasonable, and needed number of additional pages. A page may be added to a website at any given time, so they are not just restricted to being added during the building stage of the website.

We offer many other design features including MYSQL databases, flat file databases, and many others. If you have a design feature not listed here or you need a custom program written to perform special operations, please contact us so that we can develop a plan that will fit the needs of your website.

Call 229-246-2827 or email us today for a free consultation/quote!

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