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Search Engine Marketing

Do you have a website? Can you not find it when you search for it in Google, Yahoo, MSN, or the any other search engines. Search Engine Marketing is a technique used to boost your website in the rankings so when you search for "chosen keywords" your website can be found.

We offer Search Engine Marketing or Search Engine Optimization as a service to you to get more business and exposure to your website. If you choose Bainbridge Media to optimize your website for the search engines, we will set a goal with the client, a goal that is challenging but realistically achievable, of the amount of traffic to add to the website over a period of time. The reason we set time based goals is that it takes sometimes up to two months before a website can start to reach the top rankings in the search engines after being optimized.

We offer several different Search Engine Optimization packages to help fit the needs of individual websites. We price these packages based on the depth of optimization that we will be performing. We base the prices on depth, because the more time spent on optimizing, means higher rankings in the search engines, which results in more exposure. Please contact us today to get a optimization plan ideal for your needs and business.

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