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Banner Ad Design

Need a professional, high quality banner ad designed for advertisement purposes? Bainbridge Media can design animated and static banner ads of all sizes. Some common banner ad sizes used are 728x90, 300x250, and 160x600.

We use high-end programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash in order to create our banner ads. Once we design our banner ads, we present them to the client, allowing changes and modifications to the ad. Once we have made the neccessary changes and the ad is released by the client, we will supply the needed file(s) for display. Some common file formats used in banner ad advertisements are GIF files and SWF files. GIF files are used for all static ads and ads with minor animation, while all ads with major animations will have to be SWF files.

We can design the ads to any specification needed. Most websites will restrict the ads certain sizes and dimensions. If we are provided with the neccessory information, we can design the ad that is right for you.

Banner ads are priced according to size and animation. Major animated ads cost more because of the time spent on animating the information. Please refer to our pricing grid below for the cost details of common size ads. If you need a price on an ad size not seen below, please contact us.

Style 180 x 150 300 x 250 160 x 600 728 x 90
Static/Minor Animation $30 $50 $60 $40
Major Animation $50 $70 $80 $60


Recent Projects

Please click the links below to see some of our recent banner ad projects.

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